Gardenias Bruise Easily Book

"Gardenias Bruise Easily... Giving Silence a Voice from Abuse to Love".

First launched in January 2013, this book began as a self-help book to overcome adversity, pain and depression. Through Charmaine's life experiences and research she focused on the mechanics of how emotions are triggered and the dynamics of its effect. She developed and executed strategies of her own to uncloak the human tendencies for perfection.

Charmaine Lee's journey guides us on how we can give our silence a voice. It is the respect of your heart and the strength of your values that will conquer the challenges. The information she shares allows anyone to take back their life. Focus, determination, and commitment to self. By defining your purpose, you find the key to your personal power, the truth and beauty within.

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It took strength and courage to no longer be silenced - to stand up against abuse.
~ Lee Davis, Author from "Soaring From Within"

The struggles to find a voice became the platform of success.
   ~ Robin O'Grady - Author of "The Optimists Edge: Moving Beyond Negativity to Create Your Amazing Life"

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